Kam Sheung Road MTR Station – Contemporary Events

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In 2005, the The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) organised, together with the Hong Kong Tourist Industry Employees General Union, free sightseeing buses between Fanling MTR Station on the East Rail Line and the new Kam Sheung Road MTR Station, for visitors to explore heritage sites of the New Territories. The buses were available on Sundays, for 8 consecutive weeks. Indeed, the New Territories are specifically appreciated in terms of heritage.

Kam Sheung Road Station as well as the areas around it – a parking lot, bicycle park, interchange bus station, and taxi stand – appear disproportionately spacious. Specifically the vast outdoor spaces are, however, made advantage of in a number of ways. In 2008, a flea market was opened which attracts local visitors and tourists on the weekends.

The space is also, every now and then, used for sports and cultural events. In 2010 the Kam Sheung Road Duathlon Race was held and in 2013  Y-Space organised Dance Flea Market I to promote art and culture in the New Territories. The New Territories have, upon the opening of the West Rail Line in the mid-2000s, also been promoted as tourist site for both local and foreign visitors.

Kam Sheung Road MTR Station – Official Records
Kam Sheung Road MTR Station – Cultural Representations

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